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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

DNR Captured Polish Mercenaries

00 novorossiya 03. 15.07.14


Leonid Baranov, DNR Minister of State Security, stated that DNR forces captured Polish mercenaries, saying, “We know that [the junta] uses mercenaries. There’s quite a few; they’re especially significant at Donetsk airport, that’s where they’ve been the longest. These guys are hardcore pros; they’re not only Americans, they’re from different countries. We’ve confirmed this intel; so, it’s safe to say that they’re not giving up because they’re foreigners”. In answer to a question whether it was possible to capture some of the foreign mercenaries, Baranov noted, “So far, we’ve only got some Poles”.

Earlier, LNR commander A B Mozgovoi told reporters at Yalta that mercenaries fight with the junta forces. In particular, he stated that they came from the USA, Poland, and the UK, observing, “They’re not only at the HQ and offices in Kiev, but they’re also directly on the front line. They’re directly involved in the fighting, they pull the trigger and kill our people. The enemy changed their tactics after their arrival”.

2 September 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


DNR Squeezing the Pocket Tighter at Donetsk Airport

00 donetsk 01. 07.06.14


On Tuesday, DNR forces kept up the pressure at the Donetsk airport. At present, they’re firing Grads and mortars at the junta garrison. V P Kononov, DNR Minister of Defence, stated that reducing the airport pocket was one of the most pressing priorities of his forces. Earlier, junta forces had fled the area of the Lugansk airport. Kiev junta sources claimed that the rout was “orderly”.

2 September 2014

Rossiya Segodnya


2 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front, Part Deux (Updated)

00 novorossiya 02. 16.08.14


00 novorossiya 01 sitrep map. 02.09.14.


Donetsk and Lugansk now have direct road connections to Russia. That is, humanitarian aid can come without having to consult with the increasingly irrelevant junta in Kiev. Note that there’s an advance on Slavyansk on two axis. Donetsk and Lugansk are repairing public utilities such as water and power, and getting them back online. I don’t think that they’re going to have brownouts and periodic blackouts like in junta areas! Public services in Gorlovka are reviving, too. The state took over all oligarch holdings… it controls food supplies and punishes looting and black marketeering severely (as well they should). The DNR and LNR are gelling as administrative entities; the Ukrainian state no longer exists as a viable construct in Novorossiya. Note well that the pockets are shrinking. The only pragmatic strategy for the junta forces is to attempt breakouts out of the LNR and DNR. However, their incompetent Galician Uniate hillbilly “commanders” won’t do that. Remember… after Strelkov evacuated Slavyansk (successfully, and in a night operation no less), the smart thing to do would’ve been to have halted, rested and refitted, brought up supplies, and secured the LOC. That didn’t happen… that’s what happens when you appoint commanders based on political reliability and not military competence. Stay tuned…



A “Kid’s Battalion” of Heroes in the LNR

00 place for heroism. 02.09.14


I want to tell you a story about a “kid’s battalion” in the opolchenie from Lisichansk in the LNR. Boys and girls from 16 to 18 fill its ranks; they fight the junta occupiers. They’re a battalion of teenagers from Lisichansk and Sveverodonetsk. One of these teens was Yaroslav Voskoenko; if you think about it, you’ll recall that you heard that name more than once. They formed the battalion because the opolchenie wouldn’t take them (you have to be at least 18-years-old), and they really wanted to help to protect their hometown! That’s why these guys came up with the idea of forming their own battalion… 72 kids stepped forward… 24 of them were girls. Unfortunately, in the latest battles for Lisichansk, many died, so, there are only 54 of them left.

They showed their courage and heroism repeatedly. When the junta forces neared Lisichansk, A B Mozgovoi‘s unit withdrew. Only these 72 kids were there to defend the city against 2,000 natsgadi terrorists… but the junta couldn’t take the city! They hit them with Grads… with Smerchs… with howitzers… they bombarded them for two hours straight. However, they still couldn’t take the city! The defenders held out for two days, hoping that relief would come from Lugansk.

The kids had AK avtomats, TT pistols, 3 machine guns, and 2 SVD sniper rifles. Over two days, they destroyed 2 BMPs, 1 APC, and 2 Grads, and they killed several dozen enemies. They fought to the death, with machine guns against tanks… when they realised that reinforcements weren’t coming, they retreated towards Alchevsk. The junta bandits fired Grads at them as they retreated… in all, they lost 18 of their number in Lisichansk. These kids are fighting for us… I pray for them every day… all those 30-year-old guys who ran away from the Donbass should be ashamed!

2 September 2014




If this doesn’t move you, you have no mind, no heart, and no soul. This is like the Lwów Eaglets in 1920… such things DO happen in the real world. If you support the junta in any way, shape, or form, you’re my enemy… if you mix with Galician Uniates or “Ukrainian Orthodox” voluntarily, you’re my enemy… if you aid the US government in its support of the junta, you’re my enemy. Russian Orthodox people in the diaspora should unite as one against the Republican Party… the GOP proposes legislation to vilify our ancestral Motherland and to support the Uniate ravishers of Holy Rus. If you support the Republican Party after the events in Novorossiya, you’re a goddamned fool… and I say this to your face.

You can stand with these brave kids… or you can stand with the Affluent Effluent Republicans who oppose them. That’s the choice. Choose well…


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