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Thursday, 24 July 2014

24 July 2014. Video. “New Ukrainian Anthem”… Appropriate Music for the Dark Fascist Night Now Enveloping the Ukraine and Novorossiya

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014

The Ukrainian Government

Igor Kolga




The Banderovtsy and the Vlasovtsy are identical under the skin… both collaborated with the Nazis… both were aided by rightwing US officers after World War II… both received oodles of cash from Langley in the Cold War… both distort the truth and hate the achievements of the USSR and want to destroy them and their memorials… both nursed their hatred and refused to let it die. Trust me… the Vlasovtsy are as full of hatred as the Banderovtsy are. Some are left at Jordanville, sadly enough, others work as willing running dogs of the American Establishment. Interestingly enough, even though they hate one another, Langley uses both… and forces them to cooperate! God does have INTERESTING ways of exacting justice.

I wish that this was a spoof… it isn’t. Reflect on that…


“National Guard” Uniate Filth Tortured Communist V M Korshun to Death

00 The return of the living dead... it's alive... fascism rises from the tomb. 1


In Luzhki, the so-called “National Guard” (sic) tortured Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kovshun (1956-2014), Secretary of the of the KPU selkom in Glinki and Deputy of the Kumachov selsoviet in Starobeshevo Raion (Donetsk Oblast). We lost phone contact with him on the night of 22 July. In the morning, they found his mutilated body, with numerous gunshot wounds and bruises to the legs and chest, in a pool of blood. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, as a leading KPU member, repeatedly received threats at his home, but he really didn’t believe that someone would kill him for his beliefs. V M Kovshun exemplified not only faith and devotion to communist ideals, but he also took an active role in everything that he did, and his human qualities were of the highest order. He enjoyed great respect from his fellow villagers, who trusted him to lead the Public Council of the Kumachov selsoviet, which oversaw nine villages. The Donetsk KPU Obkom expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased, who was the victim of a violent crime, and it demands that the proper authorities initiate criminal proceedings against the murderers, but as of now, none of the perpetrators is in custody.

23 July 2014


KPRF official website



This is daily life under the “Consciousness” of the UGKTs and the schismatics. People tell me that there are “pro-Russian pro-Putin” Uniates out there. Well… speak up! Condemn the madness and condemn the UGKTs in public for their evil. Then, I’ll believe it… until then, I don’t. If you’re silent, you approve of the madness. Speak up or be marked as a quisling. It’s quite that simple. Say in a public venue under your real name, “I condemn the putsch, the junta, and its repressions in Novorossiya”. That’s all… however, I’m NOT going to hold my breath waiting…


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

European United Left / Nordic Green Left Condemn Undemocratic Attempt of Kiev Junta to Ban the KPU

00 United European Left. 23.07.14


The European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) expressed its deep concern at the adoption by the Ukrainian Rada of a new law, which, if President (sic) P A Poroshenko signs it into law, would ban the KPU and all of its symbols. It urged Poroshenko not to sign the law, to protect the parliamentary status of the KPU, and to ensure its immunity. The GUE/NGL expressed its solidarity with the KPU; it condemns the blackmail, assault, intimidation, and destruction of property that its opponents hurled at it in recent months. In addition, the actions taken against KPU and the Ukraine’s refusal to fulfil its obligations as a party to major international human rights treaties reflects a dangerous trend in the policies of the new Ukrainian government to suppress opposition voices. All parties and organisations critical of the ruling government should be able to act freely, without restrictions and intimidation. The European parliamentary groups of the GUE/NGL will send an appropriate request to the President of the European Parliament and to the Council of Europe demanding their intervention concerning this issue.

Emily Macintosh

Gay Kavanagh

Press Service of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL)

23 July 2014


KPU official website



Why is the USA silent? It tells you much about how Washington has degenerated into a rogue establishment, which feels that it has the “right” to attack whomever it pleases, whenever it pleases them, with whatever level of force they deem necessary (or possible). This is EVIL… indeed, it’s ANTI-CHRISTIAN (do note that “Christian” clerics are its leading apologists… sadly, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson aren’t alone). Do note that both Hillary Clinton and Jim DeMint agree on this. None dare call it criminal…

Interestingly, the national delegation with the largest proportion of GUE deputies is from Ireland (4 out of 11; 5 out of 14, if one includes Ulster)… Cyprus is second (2 out of 6) Greece is third (6 out of 21).


23 July 2014. The Junta is Close to Collapse… Look at the Tealeaves, Kids

00 Aleksei Iorsh. The Ukrainian Tarpit. 2014. 11.07.14


Things are going very badly, indeed, for the junta. Tote up the reasons:

  • The opolchenie kicked the junta out of Donetsk and Donetsk Airport; it’s also secured a viable length of the border with the Russian Federation
  • Mothers in Lvov Oblast blocked a road in protest, demanding that the junta bring their boys home
  • A V Turchinov boasted that the junta’s going to outlaw the KPU tomorrow
  • The junta is requisitioning civilian motor vehicles as the army has insufficient stocks
  • The Rada declared mobilisation FOR THE THIRD TIME
  • Word has it that the junta is preparing to outlaw the Party of Regions
  • The junta just cancelled all major warship construction
  • The junta is cobbling together improvised “armoured vehicles” using civilian trucks and mild steel plates

Overall, the above is bad enough. Let’s factor in some more facts:

  • In the past presidential election, Uniate thugs attacked O A Tsaryov and P N Simonenko and forced their withdrawal from the race
  • The junta didn’t CAPTURE Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the opolchenie WITHDREW… there’s a world of difference in military terms
  • The junta hasn’t (and won’t) give us a consistent and straight story in re the Malaysia Airlines crash
  • The junta has never honoured ANY of the truces that it’s called
  • The junta formed a notional “military” unit, the so-called “National Guard” (sic) composed of untrained and undisciplined Euromaidantsy terrorists… they make the Iranian Revolutionary Guard of the Iran-Iraq War look like the US Marines

Here’s the cherry on the sundae… the US government just announced that they’re sending advisors to the Ukraine “in the next few weeks”. If Russia is going to intervene, this may spark it off. The USA is playing an irresponsible game of chicken… the neocons and humanitarian interventionists are cackling away like demented toddlers. Who’s the ultimate villain in this piece? I’d say that it was the so-called UGKTs. They’ve harboured neo-Nazis for years, received oodles of Langley cash, and nursed their hatred oh-so-lovingly. The Uniates have taken leave of reality, and they’re dragging the rest of the world into crisis. It’s time for Russia to intervene, to put an end to the Uniate menace to civilisation. Note well that the Western media is silent on the religious aspect of this affair. That’s because the Catholic Church has a great deal of clout in the USA, and the papists are sheltering the Uniate vipers. Orthodox people should reflect on the fact that the ROCOR once shared the same vile position as the UGKTs… they received Langley money and did Langley’s bidding in the Rodina (as in forming ROCOR parishes INSIDE the former USSR post-1991).

The Ukraine is falling to pieces… as the result of three things:

  1. Oligarch thievery
  2. Langley destabilisation
  3. Uniate revisionism and cultural terrorism

ROCOR once was part of Langley’s destabilisation… Agafangel Pashkovsky, anyone? However, now is the time for ROCOR to come clean (especially, Potapov, but he isn’t alone)… it must ask for forgiveness for its treachery against the Motherland and the Mother Church. The Ukraine is falling apart… its end will be messy and bloody. I wish that I could say otherwise, but that’s what I see. The junta is in the same position as the Nazis in January 1945… they’re in a virtual Führerbunker, but they can embroil the world in war. Note well that the Uniates are ready to do such. Yes, they’ve been evil since their apostasy in 1596, but this is more so than usual. Let me repeat:


None dare call that evil… but I do so… and I’m not alone in so doing.


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