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Monday, 29 September 2014

29 September 2014. Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s National Coffee Day!

00 Grey Cat. 23.09.12. Coffee... NOW.


00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Latte, Iced, or Mocha. What's Inside Trendy Coffees. 2013


00 Do I Gotta Get Up. Where's My Coffee. 31.10.12


01 Woman Drinking Coffee


It’s NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! Hey, I need a cup o’ good industrial-strength joe to get the ol’ brain cells firing and up to speed (contrary to konvertsy rumour, I’m not just running on my brainstem). If you can put in a slug of something nice, well… that just makes a good thing BETTER. Trust me, try a fresh cuppa java with a shot of anisette… a little brown sugar and cream (no, not milk, you moron… cream… the real deal… NOT half n’ half)… now, that’s the ticket on a cold winter’s night.

Coffee… the staff o’ life of the civilised world… along with tea, of course. I split the ticket, having a foot in the Russian World and a foot in the American World. Which do I prefer? I take the Fifth on that one (and a slug off the fifth, if you catch my drift)… I like both equally… it’s like kids… you love ‘em all, but each one a little bit differently (but with the same intensity). Don’t leave home without it…


29 September 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. His Master’s Voice! 2014

00 Vitlay Podvitsky. His Master's Voice. 2014


29 September 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 novorossiya. sitrep map. 29.09.14.


The transliteration isn’t perfect… but I ain’t bitchin’… no way, no how. They’re doing the best that their abilities allow them to do… that deserves a hat-tip and a pass of the jug. Ura!


29 September 2014. Must the Evil LOOK Evil? A Serious Reflection

00 The New Titanic. Yatsenyuk and Ashton. 23.05.14


A poster with the username “Cpa Hoffman” in the Forward wrote this on Adolf Eichmann:

Arendt was careful in her writing; and by playing down the grotesque and monstrous in describing a mass murderer as “banal”, she wasn’t excusing or even rationalising his behaviour. Her truth still stands… one can give the outward appearance of normalcy and assume the position of a government functionary whilst committing crimes greater than those who actually had the blood, gore, and guts of their victims on their hands. If anything, her description is an even greater lesson now… evil can stare us right in the face, not just in the guise of the crazed animal, but also in the seemingly normal and controlled demeanour of the stone-cold killer.

That’s a perfect description of the Rabbit. Of all the junta figures, he’s the least scrupulous (or most unscrupulous, you pays your money and takes your choice), the most rapacious, and most brutal. He looks like a goofy nerd. He sounds like a wimp. He makes one want to laugh out loud, not tremble. Yet, he’s the most vicious brute of the lot. He was Landshark Yuliya’s hatchet man… his goofy exterior fooled all too many of his victims. His mansion is less than a kilometre away from Yanukovich’s in the same guarded gated community… it’s more lavishly appointed on the inside. You see, the Rabbit was wiser than Yanukovich was… he understood that many people (especially, the ambitious and grasping) are superficial and stupid, and only look at externals. Ergo, his mansion isn’t as glitzy on the outside, but is twice as glitzy inside. The word on the street in Kiev is, “The Rabbit shits in a toilet with a solid-gold toilet-seat”. That may or may not be true… however, it shows that ordinary folks see through his exterior.

Note well that most academics, pundits, and government spokesman take him at face value. If “evil can stare us right in the face, not just in the guise of the crazed animal, but also in the seemingly normal and controlled demeanour of the stone-cold killer”, then, what does that tell us about Jen Psaki, Rod Dreher, Rich Lowry, Victor Potapov, the Stratfor poseurs (and those like them), and all the academic whores of Langley (Stephen Cohen is a laudable exception)? I leave it to you to connect the dots…


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