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Friday, 22 August 2014

22 August 2014. Video. People in Novograd-Volynsky in Zhitomir Oblast PISSED at Lying Junta Officer in Public

00 Maksim Kalashnikov. 04.06.14


English subs in the vid… WATCH IT! Watch the babas, in particular…


The lying Uniate bastards of the junta are facing the Wrath of the People. For 23 years, the so-called “Ukraine” has been nothing but a continuing Khokhol joke… but a joke without mirth, a joke without cleansing, a joke without meaning… it HAS been a joke that sucked all life out of the former jewel in the crown of the USSR, a joke that impoverished a once-rich country, a joke that America helped to impose on the Ukraine. Look at the idle shipyards of Nikolayev! Look at the shuttered coalmines of the Donbass! Look at closed steelmills of Donetsk! All boarded up! All raped! All picked clean so that the Rabbit, Yuliya, Turdchinov, Avakov, Poroshenko, Balogh, et al can live high. Look at how the UGKTs and “Ukrainian Orthodox” slobber their approval of the rape of the people.

Crapitalism has fucked the Ukraine… the babas are rising up. As one of the folks in the vid said, “I piss on such a Ukraine!” The people want the USSR back… I can see why. Today, the thieving oligarchs steal the money that once went into Palaces of Culture, Pioneer Camps, subsidies to help ordinary folks survive, and a world-class educational establishment. Reflect on this… the Republican Party spits on the former and it praises the latter. That tells me much about anyone who supports or votes for the Republican Party. What happened in the Ukraine… the Republican Party wants to do that in the USA too! After all, didn’t McCain go to Kiev and egg on the people who became the junta? Do ponder this… the above vid is from the WESTERN Ukraine… if the junta’s losing ground there, it’s all over save for the shouting and the bloodletting (sadly enough).

You can stand with the babas and TRUTH… you can stand with the junta (and the US Republicans) and GREED. Choose what you will… I have. Do remember this… GREED is the root of all evil… TRUTH is not. Our Lord Christ said that… consider that when you decide. Choose well…


22 August 2014. Kiev Junta! Hands Off Novorossiya and Comrade Zyuganov!

00 Hands Off Novorossiya and Zyuganov. 22.08.14


Reflect on the fact that the open thievery and bloody repressions of the Kiev junta don’t bother the US government… they don’t bother the UGKTs hierarchy either… they don’t bother the Roman Curia (but don’t blame the RCs down the street… they’re innocent)… they don’t bother the “Ukrainian Orthodox”. Note well who amongst diaspora Russian Orthodox supports the American rape of Holy Rus… we can ill afford people like Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, and Webster (they must PAY for supporting the CIA, George Weigel, and the Moonie Washington Times)… it IS time to “clean house”…


22 August 2014. The Signs of the Times in Patriot Climes… THIS is WHY They Fight On…

00 Novorossiya OPPOSES the Junta! 22.08.14


The patriots are tired of oligarch shits stealing from the people’s share… aren’t you tired of that, too?


Thursday, 21 August 2014

V N Baranets: “Serious Disorders Observed in Poroshenko’s Team”

00 donetsk will be russian. 26.06.14


Retired Colonel V N Baranets, a well-known military expert, spoke on the military and political events in the former Ukraine, saying, “The American special services prepared for the Maidan for many years. I tell you that as a military man; it’s not merely my opinion… it’s a fact. There’s plenty of evidence; we have testimony from eyewitnesses. The US Embassy in the Ukraine took a very active role in preparing the Euromaidan events. They carried out their subversion openly, it didn’t embarrass them one bit… I find it all disgusting. You remember how McCain behaved in Kiev… he acted like he was in his own home, he was quite open about it, he didn’t hide what he was doing, he bossed around the so-called Ukrainian ‘government’”.

Viktor Nikolayevich also gave us his views on the military operations in the Donbass, noting, “Poroshenko operates on the principle, ‘If the Ukraine doesn’t rule the Donbass, then, no one else will get it either’. That’s why he continues to bombard Novorossiya mercilessly. We Russians understand why the opolchenie want to throw Ukrainian forces out of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, why they want the war in their homeland to end, and why they want recognition of their independence. We all know that if the opolchenie laid down their arms, then, the junta would immediately begin mass arrests and throw people into concentration camps, it’s a logical consequence of the fascist ideology now regnant in the Ukraine”.

“If Poroshenko retains even the smallest shred of sanity, then, during the 26 August negotiations, he’d seek to resolve the situation in the Donbas. We’ve observed serious disorders in Poroshenko’s team… the army is melting away, the anti-war movement of the Soldier’s Mothers group is gaining momentum, his adversaries are gathering against him on all sides, and he’s running out of money. Therefore, the so-called ‘President of the Ukraine’ faces acute problems; he has to start looking for ways to resolve the conflict. However, at the same time, I believe that if representatives of the People’s Republics don’t attend these negotiations, then, such negotiations won’t bear fruit”.

 21 August 2014



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