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Sunday, 31 July 2016

31 July 2016. From the Russian Web… A Heartfelt Prayer

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Ever feel that all the weenies in the world are doing their best to make your day? You’re not alone… here’s a heartfelt prayer…



Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from Former Campaign Staffers



Dear Senator Sanders,

Last summer you said you wouldn’t run as a third-party candidate if you didn’t win the Democratic nomination. You said, “The reason for that is I don’t want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican to be President of the USA”. This was before the unexpected and unprecedented success of your grassroots campaign where you won 22 states and almost half of the delegates in a primary process stacked against you every step of the way.

We take you as a man of your word and we certainly don’t want Trump to be president either. A Trump presidency would be a terrible step backwards for working people, people of colour, immigrants, students, retirees, the LGBTQ community, the environment, and the entire world, which is why more than ever we need you to reconsider the situation and make a third-party run. Polls show that Hillary Clinton, the official Democratic nominee, is an incredibly weak candidate in the general election. Even after spending 57 million USD (3.78 trillion Roubles. 377.11 million Renminbi. 3.81 trillion INR. 74.36 million CAD. 75.2 million AUD. 51.03 million Euros. 43.07 million UK Pounds) in ads (vs. 4 million USD (264.6 million Roubles. 26.47 million Renminbi. 267 million INR. 5.22 million CAD. 5.27 million AUD. 3.58 million Euros. 3.02 million UK Pounds) by Trump) she trails him slightly, and Trump is actually leading in several important swing states. Frankly, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the credibility to take on the dangerous appeal of Donald Trump.

For a variety of reasons, many justified and some not, people don’t trust her. We now have two of the most disliked presidential candidates in the history of the country. Unfortunately, too many people are disillusioned with politics; the lack of inspiring viable candidates will only hurt voter turnout. If there was ever an opportunity to break the corporate two-party duopoly, this is it. Therefore, we respectfully ask you to consider Jill Stein’s offer of a united Green Party ticket. A Sanders/Stein campaign would be more popular than Hillary Clinton would be, and be more successful against Trump. If polling shows you in the lead before the election, we trust that Secretary Clinton would do the right thing and not be a spoiler.

The stakes are too high. If Donald Trump wins, all the progressive change we have fought for will vanish. Secretary Clinton’s recent vice presidential pick makes us question that she’d run the kind of economically populist campaign it’d take to defeat Trump. Furthermore, in light of the platform committee discussions, it makes us question where she really stands on important issues such as the TPP, fracking, single-payer healthcare, war/military spending, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, financial regulation, and money in politics.

With your steadfastness and consistency in talking about the issues, you educated us and inspired a whole generation to get involved in politics. We look forward to continuing the political revolution and working with your successor organisations, however, now, the country still needs you to run for president.

In Solidarity,

Ace Acosta, Field Organiser (NV)
Rolando Aguirre, Regional Field Director (NV, AZ), Delegate Team (WA)
Betsy Avila, Deputy Digital Outreach (NV)
Rob Byrne, National LGBT Outreach Coordinator
Ricky Cárdenas, Field Organiser (NV, WA), Regional Field Director (CO, CA)
Carol Čizauskas, Field Organiser, Outreach Coordinator (NV)
Alicia De Toffoli, National Women’s Outreach Coordinator
Giulianna Di Lauro, National Latino Strategist, Field Director (Puerto Rico)
Benjamin Erkan, Field Organiser (KS, WY, NY, CA)
MacKenzie Ewing, Regional Field Director (IA), Field Director (NE), Constituency Outreach Coordinator (OR), Field Organiser (CA)
Anthony Garcia, Regional Field Director (NV), Deputy Field Director (AK)
Matthew Glasgo, Field Organiser (NV, MN)
Austreberto Hernandez, Field Organiser (NV)
Wesley Irwin, Field Organiser, Chair of the Caucus Advisory Group (WA)
Phillip Kim, Labor Outreach (NV, WA, CA)
Marc Leonard, Field Organiser (NV, UT, CA)
David Lewis, Field Organiser (IA, KS, MO, WY, IN)
Laura Llamas, Outreach Coordinator (NV)
Billie McFadden, Field Organiser (NV)
Alonso Montes, Deputy Field Organiser (NV)
Kevin F. Solis, Outreach Coordinator (NV), Field Organiser (WA, CA)
Andee Sunderland, Outreach Coordinator (NV)
Caesar Vargas, National Latino Outreach Deputy Director

29 July 2016



31 July 2016. Today is Russian Navy Day!

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31 July 2016. Our Little Brothers… Don’t I Look GOOD In My Pullover?

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