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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Looks Like GOP Misogynist Beaten in Florida… Some GOP “Sweep!”

00 Toles. Women Voters. The Other Stand Your Ground. 06.12


GOP misogynist Steve Southerland defeated in Florida… hmm… is this the beginning of some surprises? We’re gonna have to see, kids! Proposition 67 in Colorado went down to (deserved) defeat… Republicant governor defeated in PA… DC legalised recreational pot. It’s far from a GOP sweep. The Republicans aren’t going to take over the government. By the way… the Democrats took the Senate in 1986… during Slobberin’ Ronnie’s time. It didn’t affect his policies. Indeed, the GOP will find out that taking the Congress won’t win them the White House in 2016. Since they intend to be obstructionists, it’ll drive the abysmal public opinion of Congress even lower. Today, President Obama may have a 42 percent approval rating… Congress has 13 percent. Rush Limbaugh and Rod Dreher won’t tell you that… but they’re in the propaganda business, NOT the news business. Ted Cruz’s spokesman, Amanda Carpenter said, “Life wins again”… no, it didn’t. Anti-abortion NEVER equated to “Pro-Life” and I’ll defend that position (I expect konvertsy to call for my expulsion from the Church for saying that). Anyone who votes blindly for “Pro-Life” candidates is a drooling boob. They ALL support the gutting of the social safety net, war in foreign parts, the TSA/Department of Homeland Security Gestapo, the Gitmo Gulag, the Uniate junta in Kiev, and indiscriminate usage of the death penalty. That’s NOT “Pro-Life” at all!

It ain’t over until it’s over…



4 November 2014. This Is Why I Oppose ALL “Personhood” Amendments Absolutely and Without Question

00 Cuba. Pro-Life. 22.06.13


The “Pro-Life” militants claim that they’re “for women”… read this:

Even a miscarriage or stillbirth becomes an opportunity to criminalise a woman’s behaviour. According to an anti-Amendment 67 document produced by NAPW and Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), the increased scrutiny allowed by such laws has led to nightmare situations. For example, that document reports:

A Louisiana woman went to the hospital when she had unexplained vaginal bleeding. Although she did not know that she’d been pregnant, she was suspected of having had a stillbirth or secretly giving birth to a baby. She was jailed on murder charges for more than a year before medical records were obtained that showed she had suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

A Utah woman gave birth to twins, one of whom was stillborn. Based on the claim that her decision to delay having recommended caesarean surgery caused the stillbirth, she was arrested for criminal homicide. She was only released after agreeing to plead guilty to a lesser crime.



I find the above disgusting, abominable, and perverted. It isn’t “Pro-Life” at all… it’s a naked attempt to ram the ideology of The Handmaid’s Tale down our throats. I’m for reasonable regulation of abortion. I’m for opening up access to affordable and effective contraception to cut abortions. I’m against a war on women… which is what “Personhood Amendments” are all about. The Church does NOT support the Radical Randall Terry position… the konvertsy lie when they say that it does. V R Legoida made that abundantly clear… the Church wants abortion restricted, but not illegalised. The Republican filth wants to victimise women. That’s why I’ll never vote for any of them ever again. Yes… I want abortion to be as minimal as possible. The only way that we’ll do that is not to criminalise women and not ban the procedure outright. Trust me, the Affluent Effluent always had access to abortion, even when it was “illegal”… and the moralists didn’t say a word because it involved their rich donors. Now, who’s the REAL hypocrite?


4 November 2014. Now, For Something ENTIRELY Different… Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s National Sausage Week!

00 Plymouth PA kielbasa

Kiełbasa (that be the Polack spelling) in Plymouth PA… that’s pronounced “kah-bah-see” in PA, New York, and New Jersey


beer and kapusta

Here be “galoomkies” and kapusta with pivo… all normal people have this alongside their kolbasa (that be the Russkie spelling)


00 Pelmeni. Russian food. 26.06.13

Here be pelmeni (that be little Russkie “pirogies”) with sour cream… another good thing to have with one’s kolbász (that be the Hunkie spelling)


Put my vote in for smoked garlic kolbasa… plenty of it, with kapusta and pivo. Now, that’s American Slavonia on a plate! Y’ know, “galoomkies”, “pirogies”, the White Eagle Club, Rova Farms, the Magyar Othon, the Nassau Ave Meat Market, the M & I, the International Bar, Happy Louie and Heavy Chicago, listening to the “polka show” on the radio, having the Kulich basket blessed on Easter… the whole banana. That’s a milieu that I’m proud to have grown up in! Be sure to make enough for seconds, please…


4 November 2014. It’s a Little Past Four Here on the East Coast… Get OFF Your Dzopa and VOTE!



I voted. What about you? You got time. If you get on line before the polls close, trust me, they’ll let ya vote. DO IT. DO IT NOW. We still have the right to vote as we please, the Koch Brothers haven’t taken that away… let’s keep it that way…


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