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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Right Sector to Form Bully-Boy Intimidation Squads in Podkarpatskaya Rus with Approval of Junta Lickspittle Local Government

00 Samooborona  Maidan. 27.05.14


The so-called Самооборона Майдана (Samooborona Maidana: Maidan Self-Defence) {a Right Sector Uniate fascist front: editor} plans to register as a recognised public group in Užgorod. This proposal is going before the Užgorod Gorsoviet tomorrow. It shall “register the public group, for the purpose of protecting public order in Zakarpatya Oblast”. Documents will get formal approval and members of the group will wear yellow armbands with the words “Охрана порядка” (Okhrana poryadka: Order Watch (literally, “Order Protection)).


This, along with earlier reports of mass draft-dodging, means that junta rule in Podkarpatskaya Rus is very tenuous, indeed. It means that the junta doesn’t trust the ordinary cops and VV MVDU. It means that reports of fighting in Mukačevo are true. The junta is in the deep doo-doo. I believe that it’s in direr straits than it lets on… it may even be close to collapse or a military counter-coup without any Russian intervention at all.

One last thing… Right Sector thugs were outside all polling places in Podkarpatskaya… Podkarpatskaya voted heavily for Poroshenko. Did one lead to the other? I’d say so…

27 May 2014



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Gryvnia to Become Worthless Paper in the Crimea on 1 June

00 Russian money


President Putin signed into law a bill to end circulation of the Ukrainian gryvnia as legal tender in the Republic of the Crimea (RK) and Sevastopol by 1 June 2014. The law amends the legislation on readmitting the RK and Sevastopol as federal subjects of the Russian Federation, which allowed for the simultaneous circulation of the Ukrainian gryvnia and the Russian rouble there until 1 January 2016. However, the Gosduma decided to speed this up, setting a new deadline of 1 June 2014. After this date, the Ukrainian gryvnia will be foreign currency in these areas. Before 1 June 2014, one can exchange gryvnias for Russian roubles at the official exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Russia. The same rule applies to payments of taxes, customs, and other duties, payments to government extra-budgetary funds, payments of wages, and salaries at budget-financed organisations and social benefit and other payments made in gryvnias. After 1 June 2014, one will have to exchange gryvnias for Russian roubles at the exchange rate set by credit institutions operating in the RK and Sevastopol. The law also reduces by one year the date of holding elections to the RK State Soviet and to the legislature of Sevastopol. The law brings forward the elections from the second Sunday of September 2015 to the second Sunday of 2014. Therefore, the new election date is 14 September 2014. The deputies of the local legislatures of the new convocation should choose the new head of the RK and the Governor of Sevastopol no later than December 2014.


This is unusual for V V Putin… he normally sticks to plan, unless events intervene. This portends something… what, I don’t know… neither does anyone else. However, VVP rarely monkeys with a plan in motion unless something SERIOUS is in the works… we’ll all have to see, no?


27 May 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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27 May 2014. Esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich! Nu?

00 Viktor Ivanov. Days and Nights We've Waited for You, Soldier! 1944. 27.05.14

Soldier! We’ve waited for you day and night!

Viktor Ivanov




Kiev Victory Day 2010… the fascist junta cancelled Victory Day this year, but allowed Banderovtsy marches and gay parades. None dare call that EVIL…


Esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Our compatriots bleed in Novorossiya… they need our help. YOU are the only person with the power and the means to end this repression. Please… act… act quickly. Our people suffer and die and beg our help. If you don’t act, you’ll prove yourself an amoral monster. I say this openly and without fear… I WILL speak the truth to power. It’s time to unsheath the sword. As it was, as it is, as it ever shall be…


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Albany NY USA

a proud and unbowed Russian-American

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27 May 2014. We’ve Broken the 10,000 Posts “Barrier”… A Lot’s Been Done… There’s More Work Still to Do!

00 Vera Mukhina. Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. fireworks. 10.02.13


Well, I broke the 10,000 post mark a couple of posts back. I’ve been at this vocation since November 2007… this is my seventh year of blogging, and may God give me more. I want to thank all of my Cabinet members and acquaintances who’ve helped me over the years. This hasn’t been an individual effort… were it that, it would’ve faltered long ago. LOVE built this house. Love of God… Love of Life… Love of Beauty… Love of Justice… Love of Mercy… Love of Knowledge and Learning… and, most of all, a love and thirst for the TRUTH, with a willingness to follow it wherever it might lead me. I must be doing something right… and if I am, it’s due to you guys, my readers. I never ever want to fail you. May God bless all of you!


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