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Monday, 30 June 2014

30 June 2014. I’ll Be Offline from Thursday 3 July Until Monday 7 July



The tech is coming to set up phone service at our new apartment on Monday… and we’re moving out of here on Thursday. I’m going to be offline for four days… never fear, Tyotya Vara will be back… with Verizon FiOS. So, I’m not sick or anything… but let me tell ya, moving shit when you’re 60 is LOT harder than at 30 or 40. YOWZA! My back’s talking… and LOUD. Therefore, I’m not going to post or be online at all for the whole Fourth of July Weekend. Them’s the breaks… pass the jug, please…



30 June 2014. A Whisper in the Loggia About JP and Podmo



One of the Cabinet said this about JP going to Podmo’s funeral:

He won’t go… that type “forgets” the past and expects us not to bring it up. He also doesn’t honour his friendships.

I quite agree. He, Brum, and Eliel were all close to Podmo, but all of them deny it today. Many believe that JP’s dad (a real estate developer) fronted the cash through JP to keep Platina running. However, all the konvertsy goodthinkers want you to believe that such wasn’t so. By the way, there’s no contemporaneous evidence that Alexei Young heard Rose “cursing” Podmo. I studied history in college, and one of the things that you learn is the pitfalls of oral history. People will very sincerely and without guile will tell you that “X” happened, but it didn’t… that is, if documentary evidence doesn’t back the claim, its hearsay, or worse. I believe Young’s statement to be a True Believer ex post facto rationalisation. Yes, they DO believe that it happened, as it validates their beliefs, and they’ll be QUITE sincere on the matter.

I believe that my friend is correct… JP lies continually, as the OCA Holy Synod knows… it’s one of the reasons they shitcanned him (remember that? He got the shitcan for continual fibs, changing his story more often than he changed his gotchies, overspending his budget, and bringing in a bunch of dubious nuns). He’s brazen, more fulla chutzpah than Groucho Marx and Bill Clinton combined, and all of his claque are the same way. ROCOR would be insane to bring such a sort within it… he’d do what he did in the OCA… talk big, spend big, and protect his goofball pals (like Nathanael Kapner… I saw the two schmoozing at Jordanville on Pentecost).

I wonder… did Stokoe write the Portal-Credo piece or did it come from Svetlana Veiss, Lyonyo’s pal? You can be sure that Vlad Berzansky Jr’s hand is in the pot somewhere, too… just another ordinary day in American Orthodoxy… do pass me the jug and take a hit yourself… all of the mean n’ nasties are gonna crawl outa their holes. God do preserve us…


JP’s Guru Podmoshensky Dies

jonas Paffhausen

Will the Fat One go to his guru’s funeral? Their relations were close from 1978 up until the ’90s…after all, he was part of Herman’s airy-fairy Russian project. in fact, Herman was the largest and most malign influence on Fatso… do note how he defended the VERY questionable HOOMies.


According to Portal-Credo.Ru, Monk Herman Podmoshensky, former ROCOR abbot and former colleague of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, died on 30 June at age 80. Fr Herman (in the world, Gleb D Podmoshensky) was born in 1934 in Riga. In 1962, he graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR) in Jordanville NY USA. Along with Eugene Rose (who later became Fr Seraphim), he founded St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina CA USA. In 1970, he received monastic tonsure with the name Herman. In 1976, he became a priest. In 1982, he committed serious ascetic and canonical violations. According to Alexei Young and some other visitors to the monastery, before his death, Seraphim Rose cursed Herman. In 1988, the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocked Abbot Herman Podmoshensky for violating a variety of canonical rules. Unwilling to acknowledge his deprivation of dignity, together with some of the monks at Platina, he left the ROCOR and joined the Greek Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese of America. In 2000, after a new scandal, he resigned as abbot of the monastery. In 2000, the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church brought the monastery brotherhood under its omofor, ergo, ruling Bishop Jovan Mladenović recognised the defrocked former abbot Herman as legitimate. In his last years, Herman lived in retirement at St Seraphim Monastery near Minneapolis MN USA as a simple monk.

30 June 2014



Sunday, 29 June 2014

29 June 2014. In the Middle of a Move… Posting Patchy for the Next 72 Hours…

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We’re in the middle of a move… no, we didn’t fall behind in the rent… the new landlord refused to give us a lease 18 months ago. In the “deregulated” hell of the contemporary USA, Nicky lost his home of 33 years (I’ve been here for eight, since 2006). That’s what voting for Republicans does… they favour predatory crapitalists (both large and small), and that’s why they can’t STAY in power… their rapaciousness pisses off too many people (of course, they blame “lazy spics n’ niggers”… for the GOP, they’re the blame for everything from cancer to the 2008 economic meltdown to the heartbreak of psoriasis). Ergo, my posting over the next 72 will be patchy. Bear with me… we should be back up and running by Wednesday. My back’s talking to me and I’m not as young as I once was.

Be good all.


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