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Friday, 26 October 2012

26 October 2012. Here’s the BOTTOM LINE on the Election…


If you vote for Willard, you vote for unrestrained war in foreign parts. Mormons believe in American Exceptionalism as a matter of religious dogma. They truly believe that America is a “city set on a hill” and that Americans are better than all others. In short, Willard Romney would bring suffering to unknown thousands and wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep. That’s EVIL, kids…

Vote for the Prez on Election Day. He’s merely made bad choices at times… he isn’t evil. Sometimes, you must take the best of what choice you’re offered (just like the OCA choosing Bobby over Lyonyo… no one really wanted Bobby, but Lyonyo is that bad a human being). Keep the evil from happening…

Keep President Obama in office…



26 October 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. The “Grandma Hypothesis”

The “Grandma Hypothesis”

Sergei Yolkin



American anthropologists showed that grandmothers played a significant role in the evolution of mankind, by using a mathematical model simulating the life of a tribe of apes for 60,000 years.

24 October 2012

Sergei Yolkin



26 October 2012. Video. “Free Syrian Army” Islamist Terrorists Murder Orthodox Priest and Bomb His Funeral


This is what the USA supports in the Middle East. Willard wants to INCREASE this. Keep this in mind as you vote on 6 November. Orthodox people should keep in mind that the Republicans hate the Orthosphere and its ethos; they want to ram their rightwing fantasies down our throats. After all, they support Pussy Riot, not God’s Church. Don’t forget that…

Let it be known that Orthodox and Muslims have lived in peace in Syria for 14 centuries. Most of the FSA terrorists are foreign-paid, foreign-equipped, and they’re often non-Syrian foreigners.


26 October 2012. Jillions Tried to Pressure Atty to Give Up His Lawsuit


I heard an interesting item through the grapevine:

Last Monday, the OCA Holy Synod sent Jillions to STS to convince Atty to end the federal litigation, but he refused to do so.

This should tell all comers, even the slow learners, that the “business as usual” front on oca.org is a sham. Syosset is losing its grip, but no one knows what’s coming down. NO ONE. Not me, not Mark Stokoe, not the Monomuckos toddlers… no one. The OCA’s disintegration is slo-mo… it’s not going to be a “bang”. What can one say? I believe that the Centre is waiting to see how the OCA Sobor turns out (if it even happens at all)… they’re patient there, kids. HH doesn’t want to queer things with precipitate action. He’s waiting for US…



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