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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

30 October 2012. Jordanville Needs a Hand…


I’m not going to waste your time… click here for a post about a serious situation at Jordanville and details on how you can help by sending ’em a fin or two. The last time that I was there, I could notice peeling paint on the frescoes and crank flooring in places. They need some serious cash…



30 October 2012. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… the 94th Anniversary of the Komsomol


The above shows Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the KPRF, handing out awards to Komsomoltsy and Pioneers. It’s the 94th anniversary of the Komsomol… the Young Communist League. Orthodox Christians shouldn’t forget how the Komsomoltsy fought the American-financed Uniates and schismatics in the Ukraine in the 90s and 00s… the Komsomoltsy defended the real churches from Uniate and schismatic desecration, and they protected the real clergy. As a correspondent wrote me:

They were real muscle men! But they showed respect to the bishop and never failed to ask his blessing.

God bless the Komsomoltsy… due to their bravery, we have a canonical Church in the Ukraine today. Where were Potapov and Lebedeff? They were busy calling the canonical Church “Sergianists”… fancy that. If I were the Centre, I’d trust neither one of these gents (although one can deal with them, as long as you bear in mind their pasts)…


Texas Warned It’d Prosecute International Election Monitors


Texas warned it’d prosecute election observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a global body that regularly monitors voting around the world, if they try to visit polling stations next month. In a letter to the director of election-monitoring at the OSCE, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said the group’s views on the 6 November American elections were “legally irrelevant”. He warned that he wouldn’t allow OSCE observers, deployed for the presidential and other election races in two weeks’ time, to come within 100 feet (@30 metres) of a polling station in the famously no-nonsense state.

Writing to head of the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), Abbott said the European diplomat had “reportedly” met in April with groups challenging Texas electoral law. He said in a letter, posted on his office’s website that one of those groups, Project Vote, “is closely affiliated with ACORN, which collapsed in disgrace after its role in a widespread voter-registration fraud scheme was uncovered”. He cited a letter suggesting that the OSCE “identified Voter ID laws as a barrier to the right to vote”.

Abbott wrote, “The OSCE may be entitled to its opinions about Voter ID laws, but your opinion is legally irrelevant in the USA, where the Supreme Court has already determined that Voter ID laws are constitutional. If OSCE members want to learn more about our election processes so they can improve their own democratic systems, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the measures Texas has implemented” to protect electoral integrity. he pointed out that “groups and individuals from outside the USA aren’t allowed to influence or interfere with the election process in Texas. The OSCE’s representatives are not authorised by Texas law to enter a polling place. It may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance. Failure to comply with these requirements could subject the OSCE’s representatives to criminal prosecution for violating state law”.

The Vienna-based OSCE regularly monitors elections in its member states, many in the former Soviet bloc, some of which have struggled to meet international standards as fledgling democracies over the last two decades. It also sends observers to the USA, as a key member of the organisation. Meanwhile, Ambassador Janez Lenarčič, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), expressed his grave concern over the threat of criminal prosecution of OSCE/ODIHR election observers.

Lenarčič said that this threat, contained in an open letter from the Attorney General of Texas, is at odds with the established good cooperation between OSCE/ODIHR observers and state authorities across the USA, including in Texas, adding that it’s also contrary to the country’s obligations as an OSCE-participating state. The OSCE website reported that the ODIHR Director shared his concerns in a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Lenarčič said, “The threat of criminal sanctions against OSCE/ODIHR observers is unacceptable. The USA, like all countries in the OSCE, has an obligation to invite ODIHR observers to observe its elections”.

The ODIHR Director also emphasised that any concerns or reports that the election observers intended to influence or interfere with the election process were groundless. He underlined that OSCE/ODIHR election observers adhere to all national laws and regulations, as well as a strict code of conduct. Lenarčič said, “Our observers are required to remain strictly impartial and not to intervene in the voting process in any way. They’re in the USA to observe these elections, not to interfere in them”.

The ODIHR limited election observation mission for the 2012 American general election consists of a core team of 13 experts, from 10 OSCE-participating states, based in Washington DC, and 44 long-term observers deployed throughout the country. This is the sixth American election the Office has observed, without incident, since 2002. The OSCE notably raised questions about the 2000 presidential election won eventually by George W Bush, but only after prolonged legal and administrative wrangling which ended in the US Supreme Court.

25 October 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Texas has a particularly cruel, vicious, and nasty culture, as evidenced by its barbaric prison system and its juvenile love affair with guns. This goes back to the beginning of Anglo rule in Texas, which began as a slaveowner’s revolt against Mexican demands that they emancipate their slaves. Eastern Texas is well-suited for cotton monoculture, as anyone driving through the region can see. Slaveowners moved into these lands from the southern USA, bringing their “property” with them. At first, the Mexican authorities turned a blind eye to it all, but finally the Mexican government demanded that the owners free their slaves, and they refused. That was the genesis of the 1836 Texas Rebellion. It was no fight for liberty… it was a power-grab and land-grab by bloody-minded bastards who believed in “American Exceptionalism” (as does Willard Romney, by the way). Shades of Dr Johnson’s, “How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?”

That is, Texas Anglos have never lost their fear of a Mexican revanche, which has led to the twisted society that they created. This is equally true in Arizona, and somewhat true in New Mexico. In short, Anglo Texas is a snapshot of what the Germans wanted to do in Eastern Europe… and it may prove just as temporary, in historical terms. The Mexican population in Texas grows by the year, one reason for the increase being importation of wetbacks by greedy Republican businessmen. Talk about the Law of Unintended Consequence! Each wetback brought in by a money-grubbing Grand Olde Pervert brings the day of the Reconquista of Tejas closer. One day, the Anglo occupation of Tejas will just be a bad historical memory, like the German occupation of the Ukraine… however, for the present, Tejas groans under oppression. Heaven won’t be silent forever…


30 October 2012. Fathausen Shows Up in Bethesda with Rymer (Maybe)… Heckman May be in the Deep Doo-Doo at STS… Dahulich’s Foes Might Have Dirt on Him


A lot of events in the last 24. One of the Cabinet reported in:

This weekend, it seems that JP showed up at St Mark in Bethesda MD, along with another guy. The other guy didn’t say who he actually was beyond identifying himself as “coming from the Platina monastery, but previously from the monastery at Manton”. Compared to known photos, some have concluded he was in fact Michael Rymer, AKA Father Nektarios.

Another Cabinet Member had reported in on Rymer previously:

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America defrocked this OCA’s monastery’s guest master for sexually abusing a handicapped man. Where is the outrage from Bishop Benjamin? The Holy Synod goes along with this?

Click here for the Pokrov post on Rymer.

In short, JP goes back a LOOONG time with this greasy jabronie. Note well that the Monomuckos crowd doesn’t even mention this… or Fathausen’s long dalliance with the equally-nasty Podmoshensky. Also, note the venue… Ray Velencia’s old haunt. Bear this in mind, Fathausen was still the ruling bishop over the Bethesda parish when Sir Ray filed his lawsuit against a priest in good standing. This flies in the face of the canons, which state that a priest must go through Church channels before going to the secular courts if he has a complaint against an Orthodox priest or believer. Ray didn’t do this. That means that the Holy Synod should depose JP as a bishop for refusing to discipline Ray for his irregular lawsuit, and that Ray should be deposed for not following Orthodox custom and practise. Of course, the Monomuckos toddlers know nothing of that. What also interesting is that they drool over somebody who has a buddy who had publicly-known nasty doings with a mentally-incompetent person, who has a court judgement against him (the particulars of the agreement are sealed… convenient… “We admit no wrongdoing”). This is disgusting.

I’ve also heard that Tikhon Mollard just suspended Heckman after old allegations resurfaced. Tikhon’s supporters are doing that to make sure that Tikhon can grab the white hat from Bishop Mel, who has the Centre’s nod. The word out there is that Michael Dahulich‘s foes have obtained dirt against him from a Carpatho-Russian Diocese file, which will prevent his election.

The above is not positive… I’ve heard it from several sources; it’s what’s out there. Things are going in the groove that I thought that they would. There are only two real candidates for the white hat… Mel Pleska and Tikhon Mollard. Mel has the Centre’s nod. Apparently, the people who don’t want a closer tie with the Centre are behind Tikhon… a known coward and spineless sort. He always gave in to Herman and JP… he never stood his ground once. It shows that the anti-Centre crowd is scared shitless. Of course, some konvertsy nutters are still going to back JP… it’ll take away enough votes from Mollard to make this a real tossup, impossible to call in advance.

The situation is still murky as all hell, and no one has the shoo-in that Hilarion Kapral had at the ROCOR Synod. There’s going to be blood on the floor, and it’s going to be a Donnybrook for sure. It’ll all depend on what the Centre tells Mel… and none of us know what that is. God do preserve us…

By the way, the bad boys are harassing people whom they think are feeding me intel. They’re wrong, so, I’ll warn you, they might come accusing any of you, my readers, next. Look at the good side of it… it means that they’re scared and that they’re lashing out. Just be careful, please…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Albany NY

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