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Monday, 16 March 2015

16 March 2015. Fr Tom Hopko on the Verge of Passing… Heaven Awaits…



Read this:

Matushka Anne relays that everything is more peaceful than ever this early afternoon. The hospice staff is doing less for Fr Thomas today because it’s not necessary any more. He is breathing very quietly, a bit shallow, but not at all labored….and SO peaceful.Thank the Lord!

Keep Fr Tom in your prayers… if you’re a Christian, you pray for EVERYONE exiting this life. NO EXCEPTIONS. If doesn’t matter if you like or dislike them, or agreed with or disagreed with them. You pray for EVERYONE exiting this life. May his passing be “blameless, painless, and peaceful”, as the prayer says. God speed…



16 March 2015. The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree..

00 ukie nazi flag.16.03.15


The Galician Uniate nationalists whored for the Habsburgs… they saw to it that Talerhof was full. They whored for the Poles… they kept the countryside pacified for the Polish landlords. They whored for the Nazis… they made Babi Yar and Khatyn possible. They whored for the CIA after World War II… the locals helped the Chekists to put them down. Galicia had two generations of relative peace and freedom. After 1991, they whored (and still whore) for the Anglo Americans, being willing torturers and executioners for the Anglo Americans. They added the arson of the Odessa Dom Profsoyuzov and the terror shelling of civilian neighbourhoods in Novorossiya to their long list of enormities and excesses.

Galician Uniate nationalism has an unbroken record of cruelty, rapine, and bloody terror… if there’s anything irredeemable, that is it…


16 March 2015. And Surely Your Blood…

00 Maidan. Kiev. And Surely Your Blood. 16.03.15


16 March 2015. For Those Who Want to Keep Up On Fr Tom Hopko’s Condition… Here’s a Link

01 candles in church


Here’s a link for all those interested in keeping in touch with Fr Tom’s condition:


What I hear from sources in Western PA isn’t encouraging. Keep Fr Tom in your prayers, have your priest remember him at services, and keep vigil. We’re Christians, that’s what we do…


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