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Saturday, 14 March 2015

14 March 2015. A Translated Russian Demot… NO FURTHER COMMENT NECESSARY

00 A Polite Cat. 14.03.15


The “polite” comes from last year’s reporting in the Russian media about the “polite” people who helped the Crimeans kick out the Banderovtsy scum.



Night Wolves MC Sends Medical Supplies to Lugansk… Zaldostanov Eases on Down the Road… Those American Sanctions Sure Ain’t Slowing Him Down!

00 night wolves. lugansk. 14.03.15


Today, the Night Wolves MC delivered three mechanical ventilators, medicines, and surgical supplies to the Lugansk Republic Clinical Hospital as part of their charitable good works. Once again, the bikers showed how much that they care for the fate of Lugansk. Vitaly “Prokuror” (“the Procurator”), the head of the Donbass chapter of the Night Wolves, said, “We brought the last 3 ventilators of the promised 17, which got sent all over [the LNR]. Our leader, Aleksandr the Surgeon, sent them from the guys at the Moscow chapter. We sincerely want to help the people of the LNR”. On 10 March, the Night Wolves donated ventilators to the Lugansk City Polyclinic nr 2, and delivered humanitarian aid to stricken Pervomaisk, heavily damaged in the late fighting. Earlier, the club sent aid to other stricken areas. The Night Wolves send aid to Novorossiya on a regular basis. Therefore, the USA imposed sanctions against the club.

14 March 2015

Viktoriya Tolkachyova

MIA Istok



The USA issues sanctions against A S Zaldostanov, the head of the Night Wolves, for his selfless patriotic work and genuine aid to the Novorossiyan patriots… it gives rewards and praise to shameless rightwing liars like Victor Potapov who works for Radio Liberty broadcasting black propaganda fantasy against the Rodina. Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. There are good trees and there are bad trees… it doesn’t require a kandidatura to figure it out…


UPTs/MP Crosses Vandalised in Nikolayev Oblast

00 desecrated cross. 14.03.15


The official website of the UPTs/MP Diocese of Voznesensk and Pervomaisk reported that vandals tore down and burnt two memorial crosses in Nikolayev Oblast. A note left at the scene read, “Release the country from mental vassalage”. The diocese released an official statement, “As Ukrainian citizens, we sorrow in the fact that our authorities aren’t able to defend our spiritual values; they can’t protect people and our history”.

13 March 2015

Novorussia Today



A Byzantine Catholic friend of mine told me that the Galician Uniates are trying to pin this crime on “Jewish extremists”. Well, the note left is pure Galician Uniate “Consciousness”, isn’t it? Let’s not forget their motto, “Knife the Moskals!” Do note that the Galician Uniate hierarchy does nothing to fight such racism, nor do their enablers in the Roman Curia. Let those with ears hear…


14 March 2015. THIS is Why All Decent Orthodox Christians Must Oppose Treasonous Filth Like Potapov and Paffhausen

00 No one shall rewrite our history. 14.03.15

Potapov’s vitriolic diatribe against Stalin on the ROCOR official website was an attempt to “rewrite history”… as such, should we allow him to hold any position of trust? After all, he’s been a paid hireling (of running dog-level loyalty, with an official “red” American passport) of the US Government for years (don’t forget his vicious attack on the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger in the 90s)…


Read this. Obviously, this was at American instigation. The Forest Brothers were soulless fascists, many of whom served in Nazi collaborationist units during the VOV (they were particularly vicious in their roundups of Jews for extermination and in their pressganging of Poles for slave labour in Germany). Besides their treason, they were murderers… they were CIA-paid and -supported terrorists. Victor Potapov comes from the same bolt of cloth… his family supported KONR and its questionable activities, so, it was no stretch for him to become a paid and willing hireling of Langley. Anyone who works for Radio Liberty works for a CIA front. The Forest Brothers were a CIA terrorist band… so, working for Radio Liberty and having been a Forest Brother terrorist are equal. Note well that Paffhausen and Potapov are “joined at the hip”… also note that Potapov introduced Paffso to all the “right” extremist Hard Right circles in the District (like the Moonie-run Washington Times and the fringe libertarian American Enterprise Institute). This dalliance with the Far Right shames the Church… it’s like trampling Christ’s icon into the mud (after all, HH thinks that the Free Market is a fraud and has said so on many occasions). By the way… the Washington DC metro area is notoriously expensive, more so than Boston and New York, perhaps, a little less than San Francisco and Seattle… Paffso doesn’t have the bucks to live there in the style that he’s known for… is Potapov fronting him Langley cash? Potapov (or his claque) can’t bitch about this question… if he retains his ties to the Langley slimers, it’s logical, and one needs to ask it…

We have a stinking byre to clean out… all the Lyonyos and Gans and Eliels and Potapovs can’t deny it (although they shall bloody well try). Remember Storheim… Podmoshensky… Brittain… and Varnava Prokofiev… our history isn’t pristine. If we attempt to “revise” it to make it “First Family-friendly”… we’re liars. We all know what Our Lord Christ said about liars and the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to know that clergy involved themselves in questionable doings, sexual (Storheim, Podmoshensky, Brittain, and others) religious (Jillions, Larina, and others), and political (Potapov, Schmemann, Lyonyo, and others). Need I say more?

I shall confide that the workers are willing and ready to clean up the mess and are willing to get dirty in the process (it’s easy enough to wash up after hard but honest labour)… but shall the “bosses” let us do it? The answer to that shall tell us whether Christ’s Church will survive on these shores…


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