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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sharp Price Rises for Bread in Kiev

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As of today, sale prices for some baked goods rose in Kiev by 25 to 30 percent. Kievkhleb stated that bread prices went up “due to the rapid depreciation of the grivnya and exchange rate fluctuations, which caused a significant rise in price of flour, sugar, oil, electricity, and gas, which led to an increase in the cost of production”. This is the third price increase for baked goods this year. The last price increases were on 18 February, when they went up 10-12 percent. Now, better-quality bread that sold for 5.95 grivnya (17 Roubles. 1.75 Renminbi. 18 INR. 0.28 USD. 0.35 CAD. 0.36 AUD. 0.26 Euros. 0.19 UK Pounds) six weeks ago now sells for 8.58 grivnya (25 Roubles. 2.50 Renminbi. 25 INR. 0.40 USD. 0.51 CAD. 0.52 AUD. 0.38 Euros. 0.27 UK Pounds). Average-quality breads rose 2.34 grivnya (7 Roubles. 0.70 Renminbi. 7 INR. 0.11 USD. 0.13 CAD. 0.14 AUD. 0.10 Euros. 0.07 UK Pounds) to 7.20 grivnya (20 Roubles. 2 Renminbi. 21 INR. 0.34 USD. 0.42 CAD. 0.44 AUD. 0.32 Euros. 0.23 UK Pounds). The new price increase doesn’t apply to bread sold at discount for social welfare, which one can purchase online in specialty stores. Increases in bread prices affect all segments of the population, especially pensioners, as the Ukrainian government slashed benefits, pensions, and public salaries per IMF diktat. The average monthly pension now stands at 1,000 grivnya (2,830 Roubles. 290 Renminbi. 2,900 INR. 47 USD. 59 CAD. 61 AUD. 44 Euros. 32 UK Pounds) per month, but the cost of bread rose by 30 to 40 percent so far.

12 March 2015




Prices are going up… wages/pensions stagnate or fall. Note well that the Rabbit, Choco, Turdchinov, Klichko, Avakov, Denisenko, and Shevchuk all refuse to cut their profligate lifestyles. Actual exchange rates are about double the above rates, that is, if you want 1 USD, you have to pay 50 grivnya to get it. That means that the average pension is really worth 20 USD (1,220 Roubles. 125 Renminbi. 1,250 INR. 26 CAD. 26 AUD. 19 Euros. 13.50 UK Pounds) a month… that’s not even Third World wages! This is the end result of 24 years of Galician Uniate Consciousness… the richest portion of the USSR is now lower than Somalia is… and the USA LAUGHS. I call that EVIL… I’m NOT alone…



12 March 2105. I’ve Broken the “11-11” Barrier…

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Led Zeppelin, Thank You


I broke the “11-11” barrier in followers today… that is, I’m over 1,111 followers. One of the Cabinet asked me about OCA news… I said to them, “Thank God, none! It means that people are no longer fighting, but trying to patch up what happened”. Recently, despite fact-checking, I fell down. My policy is to take reports, but then check them with those in the country involved. I asked a friend in Poland about it, and they said, “That’s what I heard too”. However, once I decide to run with a story… THE RESPONSIBILITY IS MINE ALONE. NO ONE ELSE. That is, my errors are MY errors, and that’s how I present them. If you want perfection… it ain’t here… I’ll tell ya what, though… when you find it, please, tell me… I’ve been looking for it for 61 years, and I haven’t found it yet. Maybe, I need some help…

Pass the jug and cheer… youse guys are why I’m here. Remember, “love rules this house”… if it doesn’t, I needn’t go on, need I? Be good all of you and THANKS…


12 March 2015. Oh, The Humanity!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!

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Tomorrow is FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! OH NO! We all gotta crawl into our holes until the day’s over. Truly… Friday the 13th is just another day, kids… pass the jug and smile. Watch all the numbnutz shit that’s gonna come down tomorrow. As I say, smile and thank the Good God for another day… I’ve NEVER had gnarly shit happen to me on Friday the 13th… I’ll confide that I’m not alone.

A special note to Orthodox people… I’ll lay even money that those who believe in the “toll house” fallacy also believe in Friday the 13th… one is just as logical and true as the other one is…


12 March 2015. A Thought on the Similarities Between ISIS and the USA

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ISIS is what it is because they’re Sunnis… and Sunnis are a minority in Iraq. The Shia and Kurds outnumber them by far. They can’t win a war for the control of Iraq… so, all that they want to do is to destroy what they can’t have themselves. To find the seeds of their destructiveness in their religion is a false path… all those who follow that are boobs. It’s rather rage that they can’t have it; therefore, no one else shall have it either. This is the same for the USA in the “Ukraine”… deep down, they know that they can’t win a war in that region of the world (South Ossetia in ’08 proved that to all comers), so, they wish to cause the most destruction that they can whilst they can. Mirabile dictu! Why, there’s no difference between the reasoning employed by ISIS and reasoning used by the USA! In short, the spiritual pathology of Anglo America is WORSE than that shown by ISIS. ISIS is causing mayhem at home; but the USA goes far and wide in foreign parts to spread destruction. It tells you much about the Affluent Effluent and the political and pundit classes who support them. Shitbirds of a feather flock together… to think that John McCain/Ted Cruz and the ISIS chieftains are milk-brothers* under the skin… now, that would be LMAO funny if it wasn’t such a real tragedy (in both Iraq and the Ukraine)…


  • Milk-Brothers: Russian idiom for two men who’ve had sexual relations with the same woman
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