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Sunday, 17 August 2014

17 August 2014. New Vid with English Subtitles from Podkarpatskaya Rus

00 zakarpattya Carpatho-Russia



This is a resource new to me. If you want to subscribe to it (as I did), their YouTube page is here.



Opolchenie HQ Summarised Junta Aggressor Losses for 1 to 15 August

00 dead junta soldiers. Novorossiya. 17.08.14

Dead junta aggressors near destroyed junta tank… this is why there’s (unreported by the Western pig media) unrest in junta-controlled areas and why almost no one’s showing for the draft… THIS is truth…


Army headquarters summarised junta aggressor losses in manpower and equipment for the period from 1 to 15 August. During this time, the opolchenie disabled, destroyed, or captured:

  • 3 aircraft
  • 5 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, drones)
  • Up to 86 multiple rocket launchers, artillery pieces, and mortars
  • 120 tanks
  • 234 MICV/APC
  • 345 non-combat administrative motor vehicles

Our artillery strikes destroyed or degraded 57 ammunition, fuel, and supply dumps. We killed, wounded, or took prisoner 1,450 aggressors.

17 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna



00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 30.05.14



WATCH THIS. It’s graphic… it shows the full import of the Uniate godlessness in Novorossiya. The UGKTs Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are too often killers and fascists… I’ve seen them up close and personal, and I can confirm that their priests do NOTHING to oppose fascist nationalists and their propagation of hate on parish premises. The scenes in this vid confirm why we can’t have ANYTHING to do with Uniates or “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they’re all too often nothing but Far Right fascist nationalist establishments, based on a vile hatred of Russians, not genuine religious feeling. One thing that I’ve noted is that the Uniates deliberately target the newer churches and monasteries of the UPTs/MP for destruction… besides this, they’ve made such a practise of targeting canonical clergy that HH mentioned it in an official letter.

It’s time to repudiate Frederica Matthews-Greene… she refuses to condemn the Uniates for their butchery. It’s time to repudiate Victor Potapov… he refuses to apologise for his past actions against the Rodina and his present associations with the enemies of Christ’s Church. It’s time to repudiate Jonas Paffhausen… he refuses to give up his ties to the K Street slimeocracy and he refuses to condemn his pal Weigel, who eggs on the Uniate murderers. It’s time to repudiate Vassa Larina, who refuses to cut ties with the Jesuit Uniate poseur “archimandrite” Bob Taft. It’s time to repudiate Michael Dahulich, for his attempts to destroy Russian Orthodox Tradition and to replace it with Uniate shit.

It’s time to stand with and for our coreligionists in Holy Rus and its time to expose those amongst us who suck up to the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. Sad to say, you’ll find treachery in both the OCA and ROCOR, and Mollard and Kapral refuse to root it out. You’ll find traitors at SVS… you’ll find them at Jordanville. I see hope, though… the New Russians won’t stand for Uniate-loving nonsense. Shall it save us? Only time will tell us…


17 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Futbolki (Tee-Shirts) in Sevastopol

00 tee-shirts Sevastopol. 17.08.14


Aleksandr Yakovlev of KP wrote:

I wanted to write a post about the amazing atmosphere in Sevastopol, but then I realised that we could say it all with this photo.

‘Nuff said…


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