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Saturday, 9 August 2014

9 August 2014. AsiaNews Launches Black Propaganda Offensive Against Orthodox Patriots in Novorossiya and Against Holy Rus

00 Here's to You, AsiaNews! 09.08.14


00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14

THIS is what AsiaNews supports… and the UGKTs is SILENT… fancy that…


AsiaNews is a reliable Vatican mouthpiece spewing out their latest spin on events. Well, kids, they’ve truly gone too far lately. They’ve launched a black propaganda offensive. Read this, this, and this. READ THEM! READ THEM ALL! READ THEM TWICE TO LET THE LYING SHIT SINK IN!

The Roman Curia isn’t our friend. I’m disappointed in Francisco… in political and social views, he’s completely in sync with us… in his perverse encouragement of the Unia, he’s our deadly and implacable foe. Will the real Francisco Bergoglio please stand up? Rome intends to knife us, not only in the back, but frontally, as well. Do NOT take this out on local RCs. They had nothing to do with it, hell, most of them aren’t even aware of what the Curia does in their names. They’re innocent… cut ‘em some slack.

Note how in the first item insinuates that the MP is instigating religious hatred… hey, we didn’t say, “Knife the Khokholi!” NOT AT ALL! However, the UGKTs fascists DID say, “Knife the Moskali!” we haven’t burned any of their churches, killed any of their priests, or brutalised any of their believers. However, as the Uniate enormities pile up, resentment amongst Orthodox is growing. If the Uniates don’t leave Novorossiya NOW and issue repentance and compensation for their war crimes, trust me, “revengers” will arise in Novorossiya… they’d be like the Red Army at the end of the VOV. When they crossed the German border, they took it out on innocent Germans. Was it right? NO, a thousand times NO! However, I understand why there was revenge taken in hot blood. The same applies here. If the Galician Uniates don’t go back to their backwoods homeland, well, they shouldn’t be surprised if Russians, real Ukrainians, Rusins, and Magyars take it out on them… they’ve had a bellyful of specious and racist Galician Uniate “Consciousness” for 23 years! I’m not approving it… I’m simply reporting what I’m seeing…

The second piece is rather more confused, but it’s anti-Russian to the bone, and snarkily anti-Orthodox. It only makes sense if one believes that the Unia is legitimate… which it isn’t. Yes, there are many “innocents” caught up in the Unia, but it isn’t “Orthodoxy in Union with the See of Rome”… that’s oxymoronic and inherently contradictory. Either one is Orthodox or one is Catholic, and that’s that.

However, the third piece is the sneakiest… it mostly tries to push its point by NOT quoting V A Chaplin. AsiaNews didn’t quote:

  • Russian people always knew the reasonable limits of consumption; since they realised what the limits were, they were far happier than those who endlessly chased consumption for the sake of consumption and growth for the sake of growth.
  • In these circumstances, we need to stop chasing Western standards of consumption… they’re so exaggerated that if everybody on the planet tried to follow them, half of the people couldn’t survive.
  • It’d be strange if Russia didn’t answer the sanctions, which I see as discriminatory, and the answer, I think, would prove useful for our economy, particularly for agriculture.
  • Russia can produce food of the highest quality; I’d say that the policy of favouring international agribusiness networks in recent years was deeply wrong.
  • On this, the Gospel very clearly says, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also(Gospel according to St Luke 12.34). In the next few months, we’ll have to keep these words in mind more and more.

Note well that AsiaNews didn’t give you the last quote… I believe that their article was a smear on Vsevolod Anatolyevich… it was a sneaky “cherry-picking” of what he said.

AsiaNews was particularly vile this weekend. Take heart… it means that their fascist Uniate protégés are in the deep kimchi. What do they know that we don’t? Hmm…



Junta Shelling Damages Church near Children’s Hospital in Lugansk

00 Church of the Mother of God of Tenderness. Lugansk. 09.08.14


On Thursday, the website of Rossiya-24 TV reported that junta artillery shelled a major Orthodox church in Lugansk. The opolchenie stated, “Enemy forces shelled an Orthodox church in the centre of Lugansk. Neither locals nor the opolchenie understand why they did it… the nearest opolchenie position is a few kilometres away”. The shelling heavily damaged the church building. The Church of the Mother of God “of Tenderness” was built in 2013, on the grounds of the Lugansk Oblast Children’s Hospital. Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias laid the cornerstone of the building in September 2011.

8 August 2014

Religion and the Media



The Uniate fascists are sowing hatred… and revenge… in Novorossiya. Note the SILENCE of the UGKTs… note the SILENCE of the “Byzantine Catholic” hierarchy and clergy… note the SILENCE of the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”… note the SILENCE of the “official” OCA and the ROCOR… they destroy our churches, kill our priests, brutalise our believers… NOTE THE SILENCE. Where is the compassion for the victims? Where is the call to aid them? Instead, our silence aids and comforts the OPPRESSORS! OUR SILENCE AIDS THE AMERICAN OPPRESSORS OF HOLY RUS.


I’ve seen many nasty things in my 60 years, but this is one of the most craven and cowardly. I can’t believe this… we won’t even stand up for our own! This isn’t the first enormity of this sort from the Uniate junta. I’ve got to walk away from this story… the silence is diabolical. Things like this are unedifying… does kissing the American government’s ass mean so much to these guys? May God see and judge…


Podkarpatskaya Rises Against Kiev

00 Carpatho-Russia. 02.08.14


Pravda.ru reported that protest actions against the military mobilisation in Podkarpatskaya Rus are turning into a full-scale uprising. Local residents are blocking roads, stopping trains, and are taking over places of strategic importance. Mukačevo is the heart of the rebellion. Protests also took place in Mukačevo Raion in Červenyovo, Domboki, and Strabičоvo, in Beregovo Raion in Gat and Muzhievo and in four towns in Khust Raion. On 3 August, Pyotr Getsko, Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, commented on the current situation, “Podkarpatskaya is only a step away from a full-blown riot. In the next couple of days, we’ll see what it grows into. People in the People’s Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus are against the military mobilisation of its citizens for Kiev’s fascist war. Citizens of the People’s Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus demand autonomy. At this very moment, everything’s being decided. God willing, we can open a second front. I think that if this were to happen, it’d terrify Kiev and force them to step back. Kiev doesn’t have the resources to fight Rusins and Magyars”.

7 August 2014

Voice of Sevastopol


9 August 2014. Three Demots on the Current Ukrainian Civil War… I Need Say Nothing More…

00 death to poroshenko! 09.08.14.


00 Glory to the Donbass Heroes. 09.08.14


00 The Mother-Motherland Calls. 07.08.14


That’s the way it is…


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